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The materials are more durable in this space, such as the terracotta freize which runs underneath the wood cornice and brackets of the roof overhang. Here in the Pan American building, there is a central entry point, the foyer seen above, with a long grand procession up stairs flanking an open courtyard, culminating at the main space, the ballroom. Here we are at the top of the stairs looking down at the foyer. The Moore residence in Atlanta was inspired by the houses of Charleston with a piano nobile above a full basement with double stairs to the main level. It has a retractable glass ceiling(no longer operating) and is open to the foyer and all of the stairs and hallways in the building. Notice the wood beamed ceiling above the staircase and those beautiful bronze sconces. A library was located on the main level (prescribed by Carnegie of course) which opened out onto the garden with the grand ballroom seen above it through large arched windows.

The building was designed around guests arriving for a party or lecture in the ballroom. Cret studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and you can clearly see the influence in the Pan American Building. Even the smallest details were custom designed by Cret and his staff, such as these access ropes at the foot of the staircase. Imagine all of the work that went into the walls being shaped into stone ‘blocks’, not to mention the garlands of leaves, pilasters, brackets, cornices and all of the other details. While the white marble form is clearly Beaux-Arts style, the details are something that was quite new and maybe a bit odd. While rooms had been imported from Europe for generations before, actual building materials was a bit unusual. This method is simple and less time-consuming, but the structure that is formed must be with other materials as the joints don’t have fine finishing. What I find most surprising is that Means incorporated a lot of reclaimed materials to lend patina to his classical designs.

I’ve been attending a lot of these local estate sales recently to feather my new nest. You never know what you’ll find at an estate sale! Night photography of real estate properties is all about showing how the features look when they are lit up properly. Civic pride is evident: even at night the building is proudly lit. The main ballroom, or ‘Hall of the Americas’, opens off the ‘Hall of Heros’ through 5 large doorways, mirrored 65feet across by the arched windows to the garden below and is lit by 3 enormous crystal chandeliers. The main hall upstairs is known as the ‘Hall of Heros’ and is lined with 50 busts which were given by countries in the organization. The main private meeting chamber has bronze plaques above damask walls. See a contemporary photo of the above house at Things that Inspire blog HERE. Architecture schools today, at least here in the US, still teach based on this beaux-arts method with a diagram which ultimately becomes the (modified) floorplan. As a document reflecting the long-term goals, the architecture must take into account possible impacts on the business environment in perspective.

Websites are a critical component for any business striving to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. Visit Millennium Park today and enjoy an unprecedented combination of stunning architecture, sculpture and landscape design located in the heart of downtown Chicago. The interior is open to the public and I urge you to visit this fantastic space! The paneling in the interior was also built of reclaimed heart pine which took a year to collect. In all, the mansion took a little less than a year to complete. You can see the faux plasterwork a little better here. Honfleur- This picturesque little port village has been a magnet for artists for years, including the French impressionists. They are inspired by the different traditional styles from South America such as Mayan and Aztec (although seen through a French man’s eyes). The women in India and especially in South India have used silk sarees for a very long time. This was generated by GSA Content Generator Demoversion!