Cloud. Security. Software.: April 2019

Though the users can choose to directly record the inputs to a VCR, the digital media provides more benefits to the users. In most developed countries, yields are far higher, and the room for improvement more constrained. They are designed to find technology solution to commanders’ immediate battlefield needs. Although sponsored by the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program and the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program, the hope it that the focus is on certification of commercial and government off the shelf technology. This program has great potential for industry participation if not consumed by government research and development agencies. This is the program mention in a previous posting, focused on finding ways to decrease energy demand, develop smart distribution systems and increase the use of alternative and renewable energy at U.S. 11.6 billion, which would be a 10 percent increase over our FY 2009 appropriation. Previously,successful solutions were “thrown over the wall” to the acquisition and logistics community to figure out how to “field” the solution (vice “equip”) and to logistically sustain it. Conversely, with a surveillance system, you will be able to have an officer or two watches over the entire facility from the comfort and safety of their guard booth.

Many have tried to make operational energy something other than it is. Political will can make that happen. Murphy’s rules of combat says there will always be one more enemy squad than you have magazines. Whaling can be much more difficult to notice because the efforts of the criminals are more focused. The new REF paradigm is to bring the team together so that parallel paths can move successful solutions more quickly into the mainstream. The real paradigm change is how he intends to go about it. They do not have to change that culture; just use it to change behavior. The President’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015, set to be released in early March, will not include a change to Chained CPI for Social Security’s cost of living adjustment. One note first, you will have to work in the Registry. If he could have reduced demand and had adequate storage as he did with food, ammo and water, he could have ensured that patterns did not become predictable. I never heard any of my gunners say they had too much ammo! A much greater investment must be made by third party financing, if DOD and DOE can streamline the process and installation commanders can be convince it is economically responsible.

The danger was in becoming predictable if the supplies must go out every 4 or 5 days. It would take two battalions to conduct the operation and would resupply the COP for 10 days. In the early days of the REF there was an almost arrogance about the mission. The operation would result in the COP having the beans, bullets, water and fuel necessary to execute its mission. He described a recent visit to a brigade in Afghanistan where the unit was preparing to resupply a combat outpost (COP). Sweat in training so you won’t bleed in combat. COL Newell, former commander of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division is a veteran of Panama, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. I asked COL Newell why the REF took on the energy mission. In at time of dwindling resources, COL Newell felt assured that if the warfighter needs it, the Services will provide it.

I had the opportunity to speak with the current director of the REF, Colonel Pete Newell. Newell is only the second former brigade commander to fill this role. As a side note, you can tell when the Army thinks a position is important; they assign a former brigade commander. Unlike so many others who have created new organizations to deal with energy security, the Army turned to its utility infielder and said, “Here’s the problem; get some solutions”. His answer surprised me, but should not have. This is why wearing safety garments is so important for workers who have to interact with poisonous chemicals and materials. If you are planning to go on a long vacation, then there are few safety precautions that are required to be kept in mind before leaving the house with valuables in it. Being the official residence of the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world, it is obvious that the White House has the best security available in the United States, or maybe even the world. In fact the only public papers and presentations about SGX can be found in the agenda of one security workshop that took place some two months ago.